Dreamy Dame Blow Up Doll

Blow up Doll of your Dreams

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Dreamy Dame is the ultimate in Blow Up dolls

You get the best of both worlds, Cyber skin technology at a reduced rate.

Our Dreamy Dame comes with the following:

  • Life size doll
  • Life like hard head with hair
  • life like hard hands
  • life like hard feet
  • Cyberskin Breasts
  • Cyberskin Vagina
  • Cyberskin Anus
  • Dreamy Dame has anal, and vaginal stimulators
  • Dreamy Dame comes with a foot pump
  • Dreamy Dame comes with sound stimulation
  • Vibrating

Best of Blow up dolls.

Additional :
  • Foot pump included
Cyber skin and plastic
Power Source:
  • Battery
Vibration Speeds: