Big 7"Dong With Balls

Suction based life like dildo.

In stock
  • From tip to base 20cm
  • 15cm Penis length and 15cm circumference
  • PHTHALATES and Latex Free
  • Suction Base - Hands free
  • TPE
  • Non toxic
  • Heavy Balls
  • All you can Handle

This Dildo has a large mushroom head and you can feel every vein and ridge on him... The suction base can make things interesting. Stick him ANYWHERE, slide down the shaft and proceed to orgasm.

First off, its essential to buy quality that lasts. Also, you want it to perform exactly as specified.

A dildo can be used in many ways. External Simulation, Internal Stimulation, Head and Double up. The end game is reaching an orgasm as many times as possible. Your dildo used in all the sexy spots. (Wherever YOUR spot is) will give you multiple orgasms if used correctly. Be imaginative, be brave and most of all enjoy your body and the toy.

If you place the dildo against your clitoris and apply a little pressure. The more movement and pressure you apply the quicker you will reach your climax. If you prefer hours of fun, stimulate the clitoris, give yourself a few strokes the tease your nipples. This sort of play can be done on your partner (male or female).

If you are reaching that point of no return, start thrusting. Alternate the depth and speed.

A very interesting dildo is the Dual headed dildo, this little (not really) number can be used together with your partner, each inserting one end internally. Imagine the fun. OR you could insert one end into your vagina and the other into your anus, this way you have double of everything.

Additional :
  • Waterproof
  • 15cm
  • 15cm
Phthalates and Latex Free Silicone